byog is now Nodary

Burak Benligiray
2 min readMar 23, 2023

It hasn’t been long since the introduction of byog, short for bring-your-own-gas, as a group that develops experimental oracle products, followed by an open-ended proposal given in November 2022. Since then, byog delivered on four major items:

byog Beacons that started as an experiment has now become the entry-tier offering at the API3 Market, referred to as self-funded dAPIs. This necessitates some changes because (1) the terms byog (the data provider) and self-funded (the feed type) were being confused and (2) self-funded dAPIs as an entry-tier offering appears to have become an integral part of the API3 Market, which means that as a concept, it is more appropriate for it to be owned by the dAPIs team rather than byog. Accordingly, byog is now being rebranded as Nodary, which is not only a change in name but also in direction.

In line with the proposal, Nodary will continue to act as a partner data provider, operate self-funded Beacons that will power the entry-tier offering of the API3 Market, be available to the dAPIs team as a +1 to their upcoming aggregated dAPIs and manage the integrations to other first-party oracles, as these are all mission-critical for the dAPIs team to execute its roadmap. That being said, considering that the self-funded data feeds are now a proven concept, Nodary will move on to build other innovative oracle services to benefit the API3 ecosystem.