API3 Core Technical Team Report, October 2022

Burak Benligiray
2 min readOct 31, 2022

We released Airnode v0.9 this month, which reworks how cloud resources are managed to address an issue with GCP redeployments and prevent similar issues in the future. We still have a few additional v0 releases planned before we start working on Airnode v1.

The work on the new data feed operation infrastructure mentioned in the previous report is being continued. Notably, support for Beacon sets (aggregated data feeds) is largely completed, including operation and their display on the Market. Such features will not be released as soon as they become available, and their launch will be grouped and sequenced in a planned way.

The most interesting news of this month was the announcement of byog — bring-your-own-gas. This is a spin-off from the core technical team to aggressively expand the reach of oracle services based on API3 technologies. The first of these services are byog Beacons, which are data feeds that are readily available on a large number of chains that start operating immediately as soon as the respective sponsor wallet gets funded. Read the blog post for details.

And that’s it, this is the last of the monthly core technical team reports. As you will find out in the following weeks, we are nearing the completion of the original whitepaper, and are dovetailing into a new phase, which will require the technical teams to be restructured. This will result in the new core technical team focusing on foundational (yet boring) work such as Airnode development, while the other teams will be shipping the products that the public will be interested in. It’s not producive to write monthly reports that amount to “we released an Airnode version this month”, so it makes sense to leave the communication around these newly shipped products to the respective teams.